Sunrise photo

Hello Everyone.
My name is Andrew Murrell and I am a Professional Photographer. I Photograph Sunrise everyday and have done so since the 6th October 2013. I was shooting Sunrise well before that date as well just not every day. If you would like to see the Sunrise from the day your baby was born please contact me and let me know the date you would like to see. If the date is prior to the 6th October I will check to see if I have it.
If you like the shot I send, you can purchase framed prints
The prints are in 2 sizes and are available in Black or White.
The 11 x 14 inch print framed is $100
The 12 x 16 inch print framed is $120
I deliver to any location on the coast.
If you have a date in mind that is coming up you can let me know where you would like the sunrise shot from.
Below is the Sunrise from the 2nd July 2015 so you can see what the images can look like.

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