Progressive Training for Mums: don’t just be told how to train, learn how to train

Group training can be daunting, especially if its your first time back into a fitness program.

Theres always the worry about will I be able to keep up, will I be strong enough, will I know how to use the equipment and do the exercises.

These classes, are design to help combat those fears.

Training will build week on week in terms of exercise complexity, pace and equipment used.

Each week you will learn new foundation exercises ensuring you aren’t overloaded on any one week and have the time, and guidance, to execute each exercise correctly and with confidence.

Sessions will be held at various beaches and parks around the Peninsula to keep classes interesting and fun.

Now sometimes exercising once a week doesn’t seem enough to achieve the results you’re after, so to keep you motivated and on track, you will be emailed an at home body weight workout to complete before our Saturday session as well.

All classes are designed specifically for mums by a mum. What this means is we will focus on both protecting and strengthening the core in a safe and effective manner. We will also perform exercises that will strengthen and tone the rest of your body without worsening any abdominal and or pelvic floor weakness.

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