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Conquer – Fitness & Conditioning is all about achieving a healthier and happier YOU.

Did you know?

Physical activity;
• Allows you to manage your weight better
• Reduces your risk of heart disease
• Lowers blood cholesterol level
• Reduces to risk of Type 2 Diabetes and some cancers
• Lowers blood pressure
• Strengths bones, muscles and joints
• Reduces risk of osteoporosis
• Reduces the risk of falls
• Improves your social life

But the most important factor is that you feel BETTER – your quality sleep will improve giving you more energy, improving your mood allowing you to become more relaxed.

Hi my name is Pete, I’m a Personal Trainer and a High School PDHPE teacher who has a passion for physical activity, health and fitness. I have experience educating people about physical activity and physical fitness from as young as primary school to those who are now retired.

Conquer – Fitness & Conditioning is not just about training your body but also your mind. Improving your physical fitness is just as much a mental game as it is a physical one. As an educator I have the tools to help keep you motivated and take that next step.


• Bachelor Human Movement Studies
• Bachelor Teaching (PDHPE)
• Certificate III Fitness
• Certificate IV Fitness
• Current First Aid and CPR Certificate


• FREE health and fitness assessment
• 1 on 1 personal training
• Group fitness
• Sports conditioning
• Functional fitness
• Health education
• Programming;
o Weight loss
o Resistance


For further information including cost, please contact me via 0413 427 830 or you can email me at

Remember, your goal is my goal.

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