Mother’s Day Concert at The Galleria

Live at The Galleria
Every Sunday
Family Friendly gig
(in Piazza Umbertino, the courtyard past Safran)

Sunday 12th May is Mothers Day, come along & treat mum to some beautiful music, food & shops all under one roof at The Galleria.

About Mimosa Duo
After meeting at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music while completing their studies in classical music, Morgan and Phoebe discovered their musical similarities and began to perform together. During their study at the Conservatorium, they each received a collection of scholarships including the Frank Hammond Scholarship, Oliver Silvester Scholarship and Jean (Giles) and Thomas Louis Pidcock Violin Scholarship. After their classical beginnings Mimosa has branched out to a number of different world music genres. Some of this was inspired by a recent trip to Havana to study the traditional son of Cuba with Sierra Maestra. Special master classes were also taken by musicians who recorded with Ry Cooder in the 1996 Grammy Award winning Buena Vista Social Club.

Phoebe O’Shea began playing violin at age 3 under the Suzuki method. During her school years, Phoebe flourished and her love of music and performing blossomed. In 1998, in her 5th year of school, Phoebe was one of eight to represent Australia in Japan for the Suzuki convention in conjunction with the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics. She also performed with the Sydney Youth Orchestra during high school. Since then, Phoebe has performed in various ensembles around the world, including Sao Paulo (for Emirates), Shanghai (for Mont Blanc), Auckland, Hanoi and Singapore. Phoebe has also performed many times around Australia. Some of these performances include playing with Amiel for the 2003 A.R.I.A Awards, Angus and Julia Stone at Big Day Out 2007, Home Bake 2006 and Goldfrapp at her Opera House Concert in 2008. She has also received her A.MUS.A with distinction and medal for violin.

Morgan Haselden first picked up a guitar at age 12 and since then there has been no turning back. He began by listening to his favourite songs on the radio and figuring them out in his bedroom. Since then, Morgan’s music has given him opportunities to travel overseas, enter and win competitions and complete a degree in music at the Sydney Conservatorium under the guidance of Greg Pikler, his teacher and mentor. During his time at the Conservatorium, Morgan was heavily involved in Conservatorium promotional activities. He had the privilege of being selected numerous times to represent the Conservatorium at various prestigious events. Morgan was also selected perform in the Conservatorium’s 2008 “Great Southern Tour” with David Miller along with a handful of other talented students. He has appeared on Channel 7 news as part of another duo and performed live for 2MBS FM.

Since their recent beginnings as a duo, Mimosa has been enchanting audiences throughout Sydney and they plan to take over the world! Keep your ears peeled for this unique pair.

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