Hero Happy Mail Woy Woy

Hero Happy Mail features a child Hero each month that has had a tough trot in some way. (Bullying, loss of a parent or sibling, illness etc).
They can be any age but generally seem to be between 3 and 15.
Each month the wider community (built through Instagram & Facebook) send cards, postcards, letters, gifts, paintings, drawings etc to the current Hero to brighten their day and make them feel special. The child is our Hero for one calendar month.
I have set up a post office box that the mail will go to (I check each package to make sure there’s no hidden nasties! And then rewrap everything so the child gets the joy of opening) and will meet weekly with the Hero’s parent or caregiver to pass along the packages.
We are currently on the hunt for our 2017 heroes!
Please Let me know if you would like to nominate a hero!
Our Instagram account is @herohappymail_woywoy

Our Facebook is Www.facebook.com/HHMWoyWoy

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