Central Coast Ladies Book Club

Hello all! I’m looking for ladies to join a book club I have created. I wanted to created a book club for people who like culture, diversity, cuisine and reading. Who also want to get out and meet people. My aim is to bring together a like minded bunch of ladies from all ages who would like to get together once a month at a cafe, restaurant or perhaps someone’s house to have a chat or discussion about the clubs monthly book. Hopefully, together, we are able to choose a book by a new up and coming author, a book where there has been a film adaption or perhaps a timeless classic. I am trying to incorporate books that are able to teach us something about the world whether that be about a certain culture, time, place, food and culinary delights, fashion, fictional history or maybe the latest trend. If you would like to join please search for my group on Facebook group Central Coast Ladies Book Club. Hopefully we can get enough people to set a meeting date. Grace x

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