Central Coast Calmbirth Classes

Congratulations to both you and your partner during this exciting time of your life embarking on your journey into parenthood. I am sure you and your partner will find that Calmbirth®, is a powerful, unique and thorough preparation program for childbirth and early parenting.

Calmbirth ®
• Was developed to eliminate the fear, anxiety and tension which many women experience during pregnancy, labour and childbirth.

• Acknowledges how marvellously a mother’s body was made to birth her baby and experience wonder and joy.

• Recognises that the role of the partner or birthing companion is vitally important.

• Empowers couples to take control of their own birthing experience

• Offers a combination of theory, skills and practice to help prepare for this life changing event.

During the Calmbirth® classes, couples learn the simple techniques of

– Relaxation
– Breathing
– Visualisation

which they take away and practice during pregnancy to be used during labour, childbirth and beyond.

All weekend group classes are held in a traditional Mongolian Yurt, at Ourimbah, nestled in a peaceful and serene setting surrounded by the Ourimbah State Forest at a cost of $465.00 per couple for a group workshop.

Central Coast Birth Support has a variety of weekend options available which suit most people. I recommend anywhere from 20 to 34 weeks is an ideal time to attend any antenatal program.

To check on class availability and to secure your placement, simply head to the Course Booking page on the website at www.centralcoastbirth.com.au and complete the registration details. This will then allow you to pay a deposit securing your placement.

With all classes you will also receive comprehensive reference material and relaxation CDs so you are able to continue your practice at home. Each couple receives a beautiful gift from me to help them welcome their bundle of joy.

In my classes I create an environment where personal healing and change can take place, eliminating any fear or anxiety which may be associated with preparation for childbirth. I also encourage you to ask along any other birth companions or doula you may be thinking of having at your birth.

As the Calmbirth® program is a very popular childbirth education program, classes can often become booked out quite quickly, therefore I urge you to secure your placement as soon as practical to ensure your position.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to meeting you, your partner and your bump.


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